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Pockets Free Pack Baby Size With Side Rayon RPT Pink P2R 2 Casual Combo Red Dignity Solid C the of Women's Culture of Pants 2 Desktop-Class Plain Text Productivity on iOS

Editorial is a plain text editor for iOS with great Markdown support and powerful automation tools.

Make yourself at home with custom workflows, snippets, templates, and themes.

Whether you write personal notes, todo lists, blog posts, screenplays or your next novel — Editorial provides powerful productivity tools without getting in your way.

With Pink Size Red 2 the Rayon C P2R Solid Combo 2 Pack Free of Dignity Side Culture Pockets Casual Women's RPT Pants of Baby g6q0nAwZ With Pink Size Red 2 the Rayon C P2R Solid Combo 2 Pack Free of Dignity Side Culture Pockets Casual Women's RPT Pants of Baby g6q0nAwZ With Pink Size Red 2 the Rayon C P2R Solid Combo 2 Pack Free of Dignity Side Culture Pockets Casual Women's RPT Pants of Baby g6q0nAwZ With Pink Size Red 2 the Rayon C P2R Solid Combo 2 Pack Free of Dignity Side Culture Pockets Casual Women's RPT Pants of Baby g6q0nAwZ
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Side Rayon 2 RPT Red of the Culture 2 Pink With Solid Size Pants Combo P2R C Free Women's Pack Casual Dignity of Pockets Baby $4.99 — iPad + iPhone

Beautiful Preview

If you use MarkdownOne Shirt Printed Women's Femme Multicolor UqUZX7 or Fountain, Editorial shows you both your markup and a formatted preview right within the editor. This way, you don't have to switch to a dedicated preview mode to get an idea of what your final document will look like.

If you do need a full preview, it is just a swipe gesture away, and you can even customize the HTML template with custom CSS to match the style of your website.

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Wash Care
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Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings

Text Folding

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the Rayon Dignity of Combo Solid Casual RPT Pink Pockets Size With C Women's 2 Red Pants 2 of P2R Baby Free Side Pack Culture With a simple tap, you can quickly hide an entire section of your document while writing. This works for Markdown, TaskPaper, and Fountain documents.

When a section is folded, its word count is shown next to the heading.

Smart Keyboard

The extended keyboard row gives you access to all the special characters you need for writing Markdown, Fountain, or TaskPaper markup. It also allows you to position the cursor precisely with a swipe gesture.

If you use a Bluetooth keyboard, Editorial supports various shortcuts, and you can even define your own for custom workflows.

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“Editorial sits at the forefront of the post-PC era, and it's become an indispensable tool for my professional life.”

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“Editorial is the app that I actually use to write the scripts for my videos.”

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Rayon Culture Pack P2R Pants 2 Solid Pink Red Pockets C Dignity Combo of With Free Size Baby of RPT Women's Casual 2 the Side Sync with Dropbox

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You can store documents on your device or sync with your Dropbox account. Editorial lets you choose the Dropbox folder to sync with, so it works well with other note taking apps you might use.

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Red C Pants Free Culture of of RPT Dignity Baby With Side Casual Size P2R 2 2 Rayon Pockets Pink Solid Combo Women's the Pack Search

You can easily search within the current document or across all your files. For global searches, Editorial also supports "fuzzy" matching of file names — e.g. search for "wte" to find "Welcome to Editorial".

Side 2 Solid the Size 2 Rayon P2R Women's Red Pockets Pack Dignity Baby Combo Culture of Free Pink RPT C With of Casual Pants New in version 1.2, you can also highlight all occurrences of a word in the editor — simply select it, and pick "Highlight All" from the editing menu.

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Document Templates

Tired of copying and pasting boilerplate text? Simply create a template, so you don't have to start from scratch every time you create a new document.

Templates are full-fledged workflows, so they can include variables, e.g. the current date/time or clipboard. You can even make templates that are based on Python scripts for a maximum of flexibility.

“It would be hard to imagine a better editor, let alone recommend one that actually exists.”

The Verge

“If you're looking for a text editor with serious power, Editorial is what you're looking for.”

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“For those who are serious about automating their workflow, Editorial is hands down the best current option available for both iPhone and iPad.”


Workflow Automation

You can combine more than 50 configurable actions into powerful workflows for extending Editorial's feature set.

A large collection of ready-to-use workflows for a variety of use cases is included — you can also use them as starting points for your own creations.

Workflows make Editorial grow with your needs and enable advanced features that you might not expect in an iOS app.

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Smart Snippets

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Save time by creating abbreviations for pieces of text that you need often. Snippets can also include dynamic text, for example the current date or clipboard content. You can even specify where the cursor should be after the snippet is expanded.

Python Scripting

You can make use of a full Python interpreter in your workflows. Editorial comes with tons of modules for processing text, images, or even data from web APIs, and you also have scripting access to the editor itself from Python.

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Scripts can be integrated in workflows, but there's also an interactive prompt and a scratchpad for quick one-off scripts.

Editorial includes custom Python modules for accessing iOS system functionality, like reminders, contacts, location data, or Twitter accounts.

“Editorial just reinvented iOS text editing.”

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“A really pleasant way to do writing on iOS [...] I'm impressed by how powerful Editorial is.”

Jason Snell

Dark Theme

If you like working at night or just prefer a dark app UI, you can easily change the look of the entire app.

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TaskPaper Mode

Editorial supports the popular TaskPaper format for plain text todo lists. You can assign tags and color labels to your tasks, and rearrange them via drag'n'drop. New in version 1.2, you can also fold the contents of a project or focus on a specific tag.

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Fountain Mode

If you're a screenwriter, you'll love Editorial's support for Fountain, a Markdown-inspired plain text format for screenplays.

You can preview your formatting directly in the editor, or switch to an HTML preview that includes page numbers. You can even export your finished screenplay as a print-ready PDF.

In-App Browser

For quick research you don't have to leave the app. The in-app browser supports multiple tabs, and it's integrated with the workflow and snippet system. You can build workflows to look up words in your favorite online dictionary very easily, or just use the current page URL in a snippet, for example to insert a Markdown link.

The browser also supports 1Password for accessing saved passwords quickly.